Ballroom Dance

You are at a party when you see a couple dancing gracefully around the dance floor.  Do you secretly wish that was you on the dance floor?  Have you always wanted to learn, but not sure where to start? Why not try a lesson with an experienced instructor?

There are  variety of ways for you to  learn how to ballroom dance: private lessons, group classes, workshops and dance parties.  Students can choose to purchase lessons individually or in a pre-paid discounted packages. 

Private Lessons:

Private lessons can be with a single student or a couple. Students choose private lessons for a number of reasons. They choose to have one on one time with their instructor so they can learn develop their skills faster and not be held back by the pace set in a group class.  Other students are a little apprehensive when they are first learning how to dance.  All privates lessons are taught in a private ballroom with just you and your personal instructor.  With the guidance of your instructor, you can choose what dances you want to learn, when you want to learn and at a pace that is most comfortable for you. Best of all, your instructor has a passion for ballroom dancing with you, and will give you their undivided attention.

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons 50 minute lessons for a singe person or a couple are available by appointment. Select the button below to see the schedule of available times and request a lesson.

Group Classes

A great way for you to learn a new figure, dance or technique with a group of dancers that are at the same level that you are. Group Classes are a very special time in the studio as they allow for new friendships to be formed, help you gain confidence to be able to dance with any leader or any follower. All of our group class lesson are taught by highly qualified teachers.

Signup for a scheduled group lesson or contact Yoga Central to arrange lessons for your own group.

Passes For Ballroom Dancing

Regular Ballroom Dancing
Private Lesson (Single or Couple) $55.00
Group Lesson (Single) $8.75
Group Lesson (Couple) $15.00

Dance Night: Last Friday of the Month
Group/Open Dance (Single) $10.00
Group/Open Dance (Couple) $15.00
Open Dance (Single) $6.00
Open Dance (Couple) $10.00

Private/Group Lesson Packages: Each Lesson includes 1 Private and 1 Group Lesson. Can be used for a single or a couple.

Private/Group 2-Lesson Package

$100.00 Purchase

Private/Group 4-Lesson Package

$200.00 Purchase

Private/Group 6-Lesson Package

$300.00 Purchase

Private/Group 8-Lesson Package

$400.00 Purchase