Allison has been a Physical Therapist for 22 years and has had her own business in Belden Village for the past 8 years: Marsden Physical Therapy.  She will be transitioning her business in order to spend more time with her two children (8 and 12) and to take on a new role in assistant teaching at The Professional Yoga Therapy Institute.  

Allison teaches a Monday evening class at Yoga Central called “Medical Therapeutic Yoga” (5:30 pm to 6:45 pm).  Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) combines the evidence base of western medicine with yoga and yoga philosophy (Integrative Functional Medicine—combining East and West).  Her classes offer a different methodology:  self-assessment, education, mastery of the breath, stability as a primary focus, protection of the spine and vulnerable joints, and most importantly, self-care.  Class focuses on all areas of Wellness including:  physical, psycho-emotional-social, spiritual, energetic, and intellectual.  

Participants can expect to begin with a seated and supine (on your back) assessment and will then progress to prone (on the belly), four- point positioning, and standing postures.   Everyone is welcome to attend.  However, for those with acute injury or active pain, it is recommended to schedule private MTY sessions.  

Allison has a doctorate in Physical Therapy, is board certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and is a Professional Yoga Therapist.   She has completed training in the area of pelvic health and has a special interest in Women’s Health conditions. 

Here is the link to Dr. Marsden’s class: Medical Therapeutic Yoga - Mondays starting in June

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Medical Therapeutic Yoga

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Medical Therapeutic Yoga combines yoga postures with evidence-based medicine for therapeutic benefits and healing. The class will run weekly, with the first Monday of the month being an introductory class with a self assessment. Class participants can expect to:

  • Learn how to master breath and stability within each pose for optimal postural support and safety during practice.  
  • Learn how to align postures to reduce strain and optimize therapeutic intent.
  • Gain an understanding of how to modify or advance your practice based on your own self-care needs.  
  • Learn what yoga postures may be contraindicated, or require modification, for those with health conditions (osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, diastasis recti, pregnancy, post-partum, etc. )

*NOTE: This class is not intended as individual therapy for acute pain conditions. For individualized, therapy please schedule a private session.  You can contact Dr. Marsden by e-mail at

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