Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a specific methodology of yoga taught by licensed healthcare providers. Introductory classes focus on bio-psycho-social stability and safety with yoga practice. Regular practice provides therapeutic development in all areas of wellness (physical, energetic, psycho-emotional-social, intellectual, and spiritual). Class participants can expect to:

- Master 4 breath techniques to provide stability (bio-psycho-social stability) and safety during practice.

- Learn how to efficiently utilize 6 MTY locks (modified from traditional yogic locks) to support the spine for "core" stability within yoga postures.

- Understand how mindfulness and meditation practices can influence healing

- Practice functional yoga postures as they relate to activities of daily living

- Develop a home self-care yoga practice based on the Pentagon of Wellness (physical, energetic, psycho-emotional-social, intellectual, and spiritual)

- Learn what yoga postures may be contraindicated, or require modification, for those with health conditions (osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, diastasis recti, pregnancy, post-partum, etc. )