Belly Dance

When women dance together, there is a sense of community and celebration. When a woman dances and let’s go of all she thinks she’s supposed to be, her inner spirit shines. Every woman is beautiful when she dances.

Belly Dance, formerly a ritualistic and secret dance, was created by women for women’s physical health and spiritual well-being. It is a life-affirming dance for women of all ages, sizes, shapes and dance experience. It is a woman’s prayer in motion. Belly Dance focuses on the feminine spirit and empowers a woman physically, emotionally and spiritually, while opening her heart to the beauty and strength hidden within, which manifests itself in the form of confidence and grace.


Tribal Belly Dance is a modern form of belly dance that has a strong earthy feel, with a focus on community and the creation of art through dance. It began with a fusion of the the folkloric dances of the Middle East and North Africa.  From there Tribal Fusion evolved, blending the ancient folkloric dances of the Middle East, Africa, and India with the modern influences of jazz, hip-hop, flamenco, contemporary dance, dance theater and many other dance styles. 

Tribal Fusion maintains the strong earthy feel of Tribal, but also includes an edgy dramatic performance style, with an emphasis on confidence, strong posture and a very grounded feel. Classes focus on strength, flexibility and a strong cardio component.

  • Beginners Class: Foundations of Belly Dance

    Foundations of belly dance: Posture, technique, framework and mini combinations, this is not strictly Tribal Fusion, but rather a more basic framework for the art of belly dance.

    Join us for a low impact, high intensity work out mixed with laughter, self-confidence building fun and sheer feminine fabulousness! 

  • Intermediate Class: Tribal Fusion Technique, Drills, Combos, and Choreography

  • Advanced Class: Tribal Fusion Technique, Conditioning, Drills, Expression, and Choreography


Egyptian dance is very powerful and proud with many emotions. At the same time it is graceful and elegant. Movements are muscularly controlled. To do this well, is to look effortless as you connect with you and our audiences.

All of my students are taught how to be muscularly precise and to feel explore expressiveness in the music.  We go beyond dance steps to understand the words and feelings behind the music.  We will of course work onproper alignment and stamina that will enable the student to become a well rounded performer in Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian folkloric dance.  Special props that will be used in class will be provided if needed such as ballas, zills, assaya, veils, and melaya.

New students are welcome to try out a class for $15. Please contact Angela to preregister at (330) 327-5675.


Join us for a low impact, high intensity work out mixed with laughter, self-confidence building fun and sheer feminine fabulousness! 

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