Reiki Practitioner Training

Energy is a natural part of all living things. We all have the ability to become Reiki practitioners for self-healing or to help others. Reiki classes are offered based on interest with follow-up practice and support sessions.

Level I

You will learn the history of Reiki, the basic hand positions for yourself and other, the uses of Reiki and be attuned to the Reiki energy.

Level II

You will learn and be attuned to Reiki symbols as well as learning to send Reiki to others.

Level III

This is the Master Level. You will be attuned to higher vibrational energy and, on completion, may teach Reiki if you choose.

Reiki training is offered at various time throughout the year and may be viewed in the Events page. If you are interested in Reiki Practitioner Training and want more information please contact Bob Goerke.

To learn more go to Bob Goerke's website