Prajna Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training
with Ali Modell & Theresa Murphy at Yoga Central

200 Hour Yoga Certification

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Session 1: April 19-24, 2016
Session 2: August 9-14, 2016
Session 3: March 21-26, 2017


$895 per session
$2,400 for all 3, Save $285
Cost includes all contact hours & manuals.
The timing of this course, over a one-year
period, is to give the serious student time to
develop their knowledge and skills through
practice, reading and guided study.


Yoga Central’s mission is to promote a
healthier and more positive way of living.
Yoga Central was created by a group of
conscientious citizens putting their time,
work and money into building a center for
peaceful activities.


Call to register (330) 499-2863
4626 Cleveland Ave., NW, Canton, Ohio


Ali Modell is dedicated to teaching yoga as an interdisciplinary and
contemplative path. Ali’s primary influence has been Tias Little of Prajna
Yoga and she now teaches on behalf of Prajna Yoga as a Senior Instructor.
Ali is also a Relax and Renew Trainer certified by Judith Hanson Lasater.
Ali is currently studying integrative medicine at the Pacific College of
Oriental Medicine in Chicago and is highly influenced by Tom Myers’
Anatomy Trains and the practice of mindfulness meditation.


Theresa Murphy’s deepest intention in teaching yoga is to expand minds,
open hearts, and to be a catalyst for discovering the wisdom and wonder of
an embodied life. She cross-pollinates from many traditions, weaving the
crafts of individualized alignment, skillful sequencing, therapeutics,
breath-work, anatomy study, wisdom teachings, meditation, chanting, and
open exploration of physical and mental awareness. Theresa is the primary
teacher for Tias Little and the Prajna school and the first to receive a
Prajna Yoga 500 hour certification. She is also an endorsed Insight Yoga
teacher for Sarah Powers.


Prajna Yoga, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers yoga immersions,
in-depth study programs, retreats and a yoga teacher training curricula that
meets the highest standard for Yoga Alliance certification at the 200 hour
and 500 hour level. The heart of the Prajna Yoga practice involves asana
with a focus on internal alignment, mindfulness and flow. Through
meditation and study of the “three jewels”—the Buddha, the Dharma
and the Sangha—they encourage an embodied
wisdom. Thus the Prajna Yoga practice supports
internal transformation at the deepest level.