Private Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy utilizes poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to benefit and improve overall health


Yoga therapy is a new and growing field. Yoga therapy utilizes the ancient tradition of yoga and applies it to a mainstream wellness program to balance the body, mind and soul. It brings together yoga’s most powerful tools, such as asana, pranayama, mudra, yoga nidra, mantra, and meditation to create an effective outcome. Yoga therapy provides a wide range of assessment tools and techniques include range of motion, strength testing and gait analysis in a holistic manner.


I have been practicing yoga for 10 years. It was love at first practice. I have always been athletic and spiritual and found both in yoga. Utilizing yoga, I have grown mentally, physically and spiritually. I love to share my knowledge to help others grow in their own way.

I have been teaching corporate yoga for 2 years. I enjoy practicing with them and bridging the gap between sectoral and divine teaching.

I serve the veteran population. Occasionally, they allow me to teach them yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation). My focus is teaching yoga to individuals with Parkinson's Disease. In the future I would love to be a full-time yoga therapist.